Summit Camps

  • Summit Granite

    Take what you learned from the climbing wall to some real rock!

    Experience four days and three nights of incredible sights while climbing the face of a granite wall. Learn the basics of anchor building, belaying and knots and strengthen muscles you never knew you had. Under the guidance of trained staff, expect encouragement and insight as you become more comfortable with heights and safely maneuver your way to the top of Sierra’s peaks. Luckily, the view does not end there. After a full day of excitement you get to cool off in a river and camp out under a blanket of stars.
    - Don’t take this trip for granite! Apply now!

    Pathfinder Honor: Rock Climbing

    Note: Rock Climbing Trained Instructors are all First Aid and CPR certified and operate under permit in the Sierra National Forest. Camp Wawona provides inspected ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) approved climbing equipment.

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  • Summit Yosemite - Beginner and Intermediate

    Join us on an unforgettable five day, four night backpacking journey exploring Yosemite's hidden gem

    Beautiful High Sierra lakes, amazing mountain vistas, pristine meadows and quality time with friends are awaiting those that are willing to put in a few miles on the trail.


    Designed to be an introductory backpacking class for campers with little to no experience, this week will equip campers with the skills and knowledge of an experienced backpacker and serve to develop self-confidence in the outdoors.


    (Beginner trip is a prerequisite for this trip)
    Designed to be an intermediate backpacking class for campers with prior experience, this week will equip campers with further backpacking skills and confidence.

    This is an incredible journey that will provide memories for a lifetime!

    Camp Wawona will provide experienced guides along with equipment for the trip.

    Pathfinder Honor: Backpacking

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  • Summit Horse Pack

    Hay there!

    What better way to view Yosemite and Sierra National Forest than from the back of a horse?! Imagine sitting around a campfire, under the stars, eating a hot meal and relaxing with friends after a long day trail riding. Your camp is all set, the tent is up, sleeping bag is unrolled, and your horses are nickering nearby. You join your friends singing songs in between bites of melting s’mores. As you drift off to sleep, you dream of what exciting things morning will bring…

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  • Summit Wilderness Survival

    Can you survive our newest summit camp?

    At this summit camp, you'll do more than just survive. You'll thrive! Build your own shelter and sleep in the forest! Move giant rocks, blend into the forest, learn how to make fire, and eat edible plants. Not to worry, our cafeteria isn't very far away.

    Spend some time relaxing in the midst of God's beautiful creation!

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